New VAP Rules Start August 1, 2014

The Voluntary Action Program (VAP) 5-year rule review process has been completed, and the new VAP rule goes into effect August 1, 2014. The goal was to simplify, clarify, add flexibility, and speed up the VAP process. Major changes and improvements include the following:

1. VAP Phase I standards better align with the ASTM Phase I standard and report content,
2. Generic standards have been developed for an additional 200 chemicals of concern,
3. Generic standards have been developed for the indoor-air pathway,
4. Urban background standards for metals have been established for certain areas of Ohio,
5. Urban Setting Designation definition has been expanded, and
6. BUSTR sites, which meet specific eligibility standards, are eligible for the VAP.

For more information, please call Tim Brown at (614) 794-3570 ext. 29.