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Rick Hughes has worked in the environmental field in the electric utility and chemical manufacturing industries for 40 years. He was an environmental manager for Cristal (Millennium Inorganic Chemicals), a manufacturer of titanium dioxide for nineteen years. Rick Joined GT Environmental in April 2017 after a 40-year environmental career in industry.

He joined Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, a Cristal Company, as an environmental superintendent in 1998. Since then he has negotiated 2 Title V permits, provided oversight on a superfund site remediation and managed the environmental compliance activities for two manufacturing sites and a solid waste landfill in Ashtabula. He directed the effort that resulted in achieving ISO 14001 certification. Rick has conducted environmental compliance audits in France, Australia and Brazil, as well as being a lead auditor for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 audits in the US. Rick held the position of Radiation Safety Officer for the Ashtabula Complex. Rick also served as Manager of the Safety, Health and Environmental group for 18 months.

Rick was appointed by the Governor of Ohio to 2 terms as a board member of the State Emergency Response Commission representing industry in Ohio.

Prior to 1998, Rick was employed with Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., now First Energy. During his 20 years with the Utility, he worked in the Company’s coal fired power plants as a technical section manager at the Eastlake and Ashtabula Plants, directing the efforts in chemistry, safety and Plant Engineering.

Rick also spent a brief time at the corporate offices as a performance engineering manager. In his corporate role, Rick initiated the development of a marketing plan for beneficial reuse of flyash in construction projects. Rick was appointed to the board of the Port Authority of Eastlake, Ohio for 7 years, 1990 -1997, serving the last 4 years as chairman.

Professional Associations; Qualified Environmental Professional, QEP, July 2004
Education; Kent State University, BA Chemistry, 1979