GT provides assistance to our industrial and government clients with all aspects of hazardous waste management, closure, cleanup and compliance issues with regulatory agencies.

The management of hazardous waste (cradle to grave liability) is a complex activity. Today many businesses are reducing operational costs through the reduction of environmental staffing. GT can assist your company by reducing your facility’s hazardous waste costs, and improving your facility’s overall compliance by providing comprehensive regulatory advice and assistance when a compliance issue arises. This allows your environmental professionals to focus on important long term goals and strategies.

GT is active in the new Ohio EPA streamlined response to enforcement action for assessing and cleaning hazardous wastes sites called Source Control/Interim Action (SCIA). GT is assisting clients in development of work plans, and design and implementation of this new process to immediately evaluate the source of soil and groundwater contamination at the site, and to implement remedial actions

GT assists clients with the following hazardous waste needs:

  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
  • Enforcement Support
  • Source Control/Interim Action (SCIA)
  • Remedial Facility Investigation/Corrective Measures Study (RFI/CMS)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Closure Plans
  • Waste Characterization and Management
  • Hazardous Waste Reports
  • SARA Toxic Release Inventory Reporting (Form R’s)
  • SARA Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reports (SARA 311/312) Contingency Plans
  • Release Reporting Assistance Pollution Prevention Plans Hazardous Materials Security Plans
  • D.O.T. Shipping and Manifest Compliance
  • Facility Inspections and Audits