On September 30, 2015, Ohio EPA issued four new model general permits for miscellaneous metal parts and products coating lines (GP 3.10 through 3.13) which replace the original seven general permits (GP 3.1 through 3.7).

The revisions were based on public comments received in June 2014.

The applicability of the original seven general permits were based upon the VOC content of the coating being used as well as the daily coating usage. The applicability of the four new general permits are based upon annual VOC emissions and whether or not the emissions unit is subject to OAC rule 3745-21-09(U)(1).  Table 1 below summarizes the qualifying criteria for the four new general permits.

Companies that were issued an older version of a model general permit can, upon renewal, choose to apply for one of the new model general permits or obtain a standard PTIO.

Table 1. Qualifying criteria for each new general permit

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