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Effective Planning and Regulatory Reporting Services for Solid Waste Entities

GT Environmental provides clients with the expertise needed for materials management project plans and feasibility studies that protect human health, reduce reliance on landfills, minimize waste, maximize recycling, and operate in a cost-effective manner.

Our team is active on many national and regional solid waste associations and organizations keeping GT on the cutting edge of the solid waste industry. From the field to the boardroom, GT’s professionals have experience in solid waste planning, regulatory compliance, program development, facility operations, solid waste infrastructure, and operational finance.

Industries We Serve


Solid Waste and Materials Management Plans

From 1995 to today, our solid waste and materials management plans have continued to evolve with changes in the solid waste industry. Our plans provide our clients with a strategic analysis based on current data and future goals, with recommendations focused on changing behavior, improving programming and reducing and reusing waste and recycling materials into new products. We provide client communities with efficiency evaluations to save money on collection, transportation, and operation of their solid waste facilities and programs.

We apply our expertise with our clients’ vision to develop unique educational programming and methods for educating the public through various communications platforms including social media. In the quarter century that we’ve done business, we have helped numerous government clients achieve state mandated goals through the development and implementation of comprehensive solid waste management plans.

Waste Characterization Audits and Assessments

GT conducts customized waste characterizations for projects small and large, ranging from building-level to state wide assessments. Waste characterizations can be a vital tool to discover valuable data about your waste, recycling, and/or organics stream. These studies provide data about contamination rates, capture rates, specific locations where contamination is the greatest, which single use items contribute most to the non-divertible materials generated, and more.

The data can be used to determine the value of your commodity streams, as well as the volume of specific materials available in a waste stream. The information we gather from these studies can be used to establish a data baseline, improve programs or signage, modify purchasing habits, or justify educational campaigns or the purchase of new equipment. We use internationally accepted standard test methods (ASTM D5231-92) to develop our methodology for each waste characterization project. Our team listens to the goals you would like to achieve by conducting a waste characterization and develops a tailored action plan to achieve your goals that delivers statistically significant results in a cost-effective manner that minimizes disruptions to normal activities where the characterization will be conducted.


Transfer Station Master Plans

When a community determines they have a need to upgrade or build a new transfer facility, GT has the technical experience to develop the long-term master plan needed before significant capital investment is made for the facility. Implementation of the master plan including the development of the Request for Proposals for the modification or development of the facility is one of GTs specialties. This includes selection of a contractor and preparation of operational requirements. GT can take you through the entire process including vendor interviews and selection. Our team will also assist in providing an oversite role to keep track of contractual requirements and deadlines. This keeps your team focused on what they do best and allows us to be an extension of your team.


Zero Waste Plans

The term Zero Waste can mean different things to communities and companies. Our team has been trained and professionally certified to develop zero waste plans through the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). GT prepared the first zero waste plan in Ohio to be formally adopted through a resolution by the City of Oberlin City Council. GT also developed the second City-wide zero waste plan in Ohio for the City of Bexley. Zero Waste plans look at all the waste streams from residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial entities. The plans evaluate the upstream, midstream and downstream impacts of packaging, recycling and organics management. All the information culminates with a strategic planning process that establishes a mission, goals, objectives and phased recommendations to create a roadmap to zero waste.


Annual Reports

Reporting is not always routine. Our clients want to make sure they report accurate data to regulators and their stakeholders. We provide our reporting service to supple ment your team.

We dig into the numbers and provide a report that meets and most often exceeds regulatory compliance standards. Our services can include custom survey development and distribution, data collection, and data analysis for waste, recycling, and organics management programming.


Quarterly Fee Reports

The accounting of revenues received, and expenditures made can be complex when using state mandated forms and specific categories for line item expenses.

GT provides the team to get your accounting reports completed on time each quarter.


Solid Waste Facilities Image

Studies & Evaluation Services

  • Facility Design & Construction Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Operational System & Efficiency Reviews
  • Program Operational Efficiency Studies
  • Siting Studies
  • Transfer Station Versus Long-Haul Transport Evaluations
  • Cash Control Procedures & Financial System Reviews

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