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Strategic Environmental Planning to Achieve Management Goals

GT Environmental provides our clients with strategic planning expertise needed to set the mission, goals and objectives along with an implementation plan to guide the client to successful outcomes. Whatever the environmental objective, our team of facilitators can help you focus on the issue and develop a management plan to reach your goals.  Our team is skilled at developing the agenda and engaging your directors and key managers in the strategic planning process to gain traction on those difficult issues.

Our team is active on many national and regional associations and organizations keeping GT on the cutting edge of the industry. From the field to the boardroom, GT’s professionals have experience in strategic planning, regulatory compliance, program development, facility operations, infrastructure, and operational finance.


Developing the Environmental Mission

GT’s facilitators begin by working with your team to create an environmental mission statement. Depending upon the size of the group, we conduct the mission development process as a workshop dividing into smaller groups to allow everyone to actively participate and contribute. GT assists the group in establishing key objectives and providing industry examples to stimulate the group conversation culminating in a mission in one to three sessions.


Targeting the Goals, Objectives and Milestones

Once the mission is defined, the process of identifying the goals, objectives and milestones is initiated. Establishing broad goals with key objectives and specific milestones, deadlines and key personnel responsible are key to a successful strategic planning process. A strategic plan without the identification of key personnel responsible for plan implementation does not work. You must have accountability with assignments and milestones in order to achieve the goals and objectives.


Tackling the Tough Issues

Projects and plans get bogged down by not addressing critical issues that can sideline or prevent success. Our facilitators can work through the maize of objections and issues that divert you from your goals. We work to open the channels of communication to get to the root of an issue and work towards the solutions. An example of an issue that seems to always be prevalent is how to get the staff onboard to agree to the mission, goals and objectives. How do you get their buy-in? One solution is to gain their trust through involvement in the process. If your process only involves the top management, it may be harder to get that buy-in! A successful strategic planning process is an inclusive process that solicits input from key employees and promotes a team approach to addressing critical issues.


Preparing the Plan

For many complex issues, the GT Team will put together the components of your strategic plan using statistics and data available in-house, regionally or nationally. Benchmarking how strategies, goals and objectives are working in other agencies, geographic regions or other parts of the country can show you how well your operations perform as a comparison to others operating facilities similar to your operation. If an area of your operation needs improvement as identified while setting the organizations goals and objectives, then our team will work with you to revitalize your system to meet or exceed your planning goals.

Strategic Planning Services

  • Board of Director Meetings and Retreats
  • Solid Waste Plans
  • Request for Proposals
  • Environmental Regulatory Plans
  • Community Plans for Zero Waste
  • Strategic Operational Efficiency Studies
  • Siting Studies
  • Strategic Plans for Financial System Reviews

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