August 20, 2020     2-3pm EST – Register Here

GT Environmental, Inc. (GT) is teaming up with our software partner, ERA Environmental Management Solutions (ERA), to present Simple Steps to Automating Your Air Permit Compliance, a free webinar designed to give you insights into how to improve and streamline your compliance with complex air permit monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements, and how automation can help you achieve these goals.

ERA provides environmental management software solutions to help businesses quantify their environmental impact and simplify their regulatory monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting.  GT has partnered with ERA to implement, maintain, and customize clients’ ERA platforms to ensure a rigorous dedication to data accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.  Together, GT and ERA offer the best of both worlds –  a powerful, secure environmental software solution, implemented and managed by your trusted environmental consultant.

In this webinar, GT will highlight common challenges and best practices for meeting regulatory requirements while easing the monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting burden on permittees.  GT will focus on compliance strategies from start to finish – beginning with the air permit application process, and navigating through the often complex world of maintaining continuous compliance with your final air permit and ongoing regulations.

To complement these best practices, ERA will demonstrate how their air emissions software solutions are designed to customize and streamline data management and compliance with complex monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements.  From automated data collection to customized reports, ERA will demonstrate how technology can be used to significantly reduce the time and effort spent tracking and reporting air emissions, while ensuring confidence in your data integrity.

Topics will include:

  • Strategies for obtaining the air permit that is right for you – maximizing operational flexibility while minimizing monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements.
  • Best management practices for simplifying your data collection and report generation while ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Real-world examples from challenging and unique permits.
  • How software fits into your compliance strategy.
  • A short Q&A session with the experts at the end.

Meet the Speakers

Katie Milk is an Environmental Scientist with GT Environmental, Inc. and has over thirteen years of environmental consulting experience. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science. Katie is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) & Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA).

Erin Manitou is a Senior Lead Project Analyst & Account Manager at ERA Environmental Management Solutions with over eleven years experience working with manufacturers to streamline and redesign their EHS data management processes. Ms. Manitou holds a MS in the Environmental Sciences from the University of Texas, with expertise in emissions tracking, compliance reporting, and sustainable manufacturing.

Join us on August 20, 2020     2-3pm EST – Register Here